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Just minutes from Journal Squared's lobby doors, the Lutze is the place to enjoy a variety of craft beers, cocktails, great food, games, and breathtaking views of Manhattan. Jersey City’s first outdoor, waterfront biergarten was influenced by its rich history of accepting and welcoming new arrivals and creating a place where they could thrive and add to America’s rich tapestry of culture. Every biergarten needs a name. This one is specifically named after one man, Wilhelm Lutze. Willy Lutze, as he was called, born in Jersey City in 1900 to immigrant German parents. He died in 1973 in Jersey City. He spent his life, as millions have done since, right here in Jersey City, where he raised four daughters and supported his family as a carpenter and mason. He was hardworking, always fair, and extremely proud. His legacy continues well past his life here at the Lutze Biergarten where we raise a glass to honor his memory every afternoon! (All images via The Lutze Biergarten) https://lutzebiergarten.com/Read More