Whealth and Co. is bringing the people of Jersey City together, one dish at a time.

“Whealth means the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when sharing a meal” says founder David Trotta with a brimming smile.


Since 2014, Trotta and Whealth and Co. have been uniting Jersey City residents over fresh, locally sourced, food and a natural passion for their community. Whether you are at one of Trotta's brunches, dinners or cocktail parties, you can be sure that everything from the music to the placement of the food on the plates has been carefully curated to ensure everyone in attendance has the best experience possible. He says, “With anything we do, of course we’re going to have great food, but to me it’s about the experience surrounding it...the good vibes.”


Trotta’s eyes light up as he shares stories of how local business owners connect and assist one another. His connection to Jersey City is evident from the moment he begins to speak about his own personal journey. “The community really supports people who are going after their dreams,” he notes. And it is this spirit that places Trotta front of mind when thinking about the Jersey City community.


At Whealth and Co.’s first brick and mortar destination located in Journal Squared, Trotta intends to focus on offering a full culinary experience. He believes that the environment surrounding a product is just as important as the product itself, a belief he learned from his grandmother. She did not eat organic or follow the latest diet trend, but she put so much love into her cooking that it left an impact on all who ate at her table.


“Warm vibes and lots of community engagement, that’s what we’re going to bring to Journal Squared," says Trotta.


Whealth and Co. invites you to share a meal, and a conversation.




“I was born here...there’s just something about the energy of the city”



“What excites me about our Journal Squared Cafe is the opportunity to be a part of the heart of Jersey City”




Everything from the music to the placement of the food on the plates has been carefully curated...


Whealth Café will be the first brick & mortar location for Whealth and Co. – a full service events and hospitality company focused on community engagement. At the Whealth Café, patrons can enjoy the delicious food, coffee, beverages and congenial environment that have become the calling card of a Whealth and Co. event. Visit Whealthandco.com today for more information and Like them on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their latest events!



Whealth and Co. blends culinary art & atmosphere into unique experiences that one will not soon forget.