Wash House Denim

924 Newark Avenue in Jersey City

Creating and restoring the fabric of Jersey City

BPD Wash House gives designers and individuals alike the opportunity to see firsthand what the process of manufacturing denim is like. BPD offers special Denim 101 classes, featuring hands on training, classroom instruction, and the chance to create your own jeans. These classes are one of a kind, for example, focusing on the ancient techniques of Shibori dyeing.

Utilizing a combination of hand and machine-wash techniques including tinting, baking, spraying, sanding, coating and grinding services, among many others, BPD Wash House is the only company of its kind on the East Coast, and a true must-see in Journal Square.


BPD shows us the different shades of Journal Square.

The wash house also holds an extensive collection of vintage clothing, ranging from the 1940’s onward, that are presented to clients for inspiration. Renowned designers and brands, including Marc Jacobs and Uniqlo, come to Wash House to perfect their denim collections for upcoming seasons.


Collaborations include: Calvin Klein, Uniqlo, DKNY and Marc Jacobs

BPD Wash House offers you the opportunity to see just how much work goes into each stitch and rip of a pair of jeans. When people ask where they can get a pair of those stylish jeans you’re wearing, you'll be able to point them towards BPD, but let them know these jeans are limited edition, 1 of 1."

BPD Wash House is located at 924 Newark Avenue Jersey City and is available by reservation for custom outfitting for any number of clothing pieces. Visit their website at bpdwashhouse.com to learn more or discover what all the buzz is about on their Facebook page.

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Behind-the-Scenes : Making your new favorite jeans.